Full Circle

Bracken Fiddle Heads
Bracken Fiddle Heads

Well, here we are, back where we were before we rushed off and dived into verse. It was hard going, having to rhyme everything and I want to take this opportunity to apologise to some of the poems. They definitely didn’t get the attention they deserved.

I suppose, if I started now I could have thirty nicely polished masterpieces ready for next year, but that would imply planning and forethought – and we can’t have any of that now, can we?

Today’s picture shows an evil menace rising from the depths. These bracken fronds, having poisoned the soil around them to make it taste nasty to other plants, are poised to take over the world. The problem is that the plants themselves are also slightly poisonous and very few animals will eat them. Even humans, who are stupid enough to eat any number of plants that can poison them, have trouble finding a suitable recipe.

The Japanese eat the ‘fiddle heads’, the young shoots before they have unfurled, and complain of stomach ache and unusually high incidence of cancer of the parts of the body that bracken can reach, but it’s a delicacy, so you have to expect some small discomfort, don’t you?¬†Full grown, they are also the preferred roosting site for sheep ticks and a small proportion of sheep ticks carry Lyme Disease.

Bracken may look pretty but it’s part of nature and it fights tooth and claw for its survival.