Sitting in the Sun

Sitting In The Sun
Sitting In The Sun

This Guy was too busy sunbathing to even notice us, as we walked close past him, so I wrote him a song.

The backing track is at the bottom of the post – Four bars intro and four bars after the chorus before verse two – you’ll have to play it twice for the whole song so that means you will have the intro twice – sorry, it’s late, and I’m not going to fix it now.

Edit: – OK I’ve fixed it – it now plays through twice properly. (Aren’t computers wonderful!)

As they say in the old songs – “If you want any more you’ll have to sing it yourself”

I should be singing

I should be singing,
but I’m not.
I should be winging,
not just sitting in this spot.
I should be doing,
this and that.
I should be to-ing,
and a fro-ing not just sat.

But, hey you guessed it.
I guess that I confessed it.
There’s no work gonna get done,
cause I’m just sitting here, in the sun

I should be flying.
Yes I know.
I should be Hi-ing,
with a Ho to work I go.
The chicks are hatching,
so they say.
There’s flies need catching,
by the beak-full every day.

But, hey you guessed it.
I guess that I confessed it.
There’s no work gonna get done,
cause I’m just sitting here in the sun

Horn of Plenty

Two Daffodils
Two Daffodils

Lament (PartVIII)

Ah. Yes! Those were the days, when all the songs were golden
Those big brass bands. Those 78s. Oh yes, the olden
days, the olden days. The front-men stand, the saxes bark.
Sevenths, thirteenths wail on top and underneath the dark
round sound of the trombone, bassoon and double bass
The clarinet flies up above and climbs its high staircase
Hey, Daff! Man. Swing it cool and sweet. Blow that horn! Pure gold!
The music lives, forever young. It’s just me, that’s getting old.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves was written in 1945 – in French. The original poem was written by Jacques Prévert and the music by Joseph Kosma (thank you Wikipedia). Even though it was sung by Yves Montand – yes, you remember him – it wasn’t until Johnny Mercer wrote the English words that it really took off. It’s still being recorded by the upcoming artists today and has become a popular jazz standard, not bad for a song that is pushing 68 this year. I wonder how many of today’s ‘wun rap wunders’ will be remembered in seventy years? To be fair, of course, there was a lot of terrible music around in the ’40s too – thankfully it’s mostly gone and luckily completely forgotten.

Bananas, like leaves are only green because their skins are laced with chlorophyll and like leaves as the chlorophyll breaks down the yellow shows up better and better and they start to look ripe and appetising (if you like bananas).

The leaves of other trees don’t seem to have as appetising an appearance – but they do look pretty.

Variations On A Theme

Blackbird Singing
Blackbird Singing

Das Wohltemperirte Amsel, (The Well-Tempered Blackbird). Improvisation on a theme. Bach-wards and forwards – and from side to side. Heeey, cool man!

There’s a blackbird who lives just up the road who has very modern, experimental musical ideas. He’s often singing away as we pass his clump of small trees with a large holly bush at its centre. This clump of trees in the corner of the house-across-the-road’s garden is the favourite singing place for many of the local birds – we’ve had the song thrush perched on to of the telephone pole that stands next to it and the lower parts of the bushes are always full of sparrows. The Chaffinch too, will flit up and take over any time one of the branches near the top falls vacant.

Having found out how to add little audio clips to the blog  – here’s a short piece the Blackbird composed on the spot for us as we started out on our morning rounds today.

This is just a sample – he went on, just playing around with this little tune for most of the morning.