Can We Bring the Children?

Spear Thistles
Spear Thistles

The last thistle I found for you was a bit of a disaster. Chris over on WildAboutBritain had a look at it and pointed out that it was in fact a Bush Thistle and not a Spear Thistle at all. Now, you might think that once bitten twice shy might be the appropriate response here and under normal circumstances you would be quite right. However, as you know, we do not normally do normal, and as autumn is fast approaching we move into the ‘any port (photo) in a storm’ season.

So once again, we present, for this performance only, the Fabulous, the Amazing, the Unique, the World Renowned, the One and Only. The Spear Thistle! You can, of course, insert a drum roll or a fanfare – or indeed both if you so wish, at this point. If Chris comes past again and leaves me a note to the effect that we have once more been guilty of attempting to spread misinformation and delusion, then I must beg your indulgence as at the moment Neptune is parallel to Venus and the Moon is in Libra and this lends itself to the far-fetched.

Isn’t it strange that we have one old and grizzled adult Spear Thistle and a babe in arms, together on the same stalk. Did you ever get one of those wedding invitations with a small note at the bottom saying “No Children Please”

It’s a problem, isn’t it?

The Moon in June

Supermoon In June
Supermoon In June

Sometimes it’s hard to resist the urge to rhyme things with moon.
Especially when it’s full and especially when it’s a full moon in June.
It’s now as near as it can be, cuddled up for a close harmony croon.
It doesn’t do this very often, so I hope I can remember the tune.
As it’s thirty thousand miles nearer,  it’ll look like a wrinkled old prune
and we’ll probably be able to smell the Green Cheese from which it’s hewn.
So if that cow is ever going to jump, she better be doing it soon.
Close cupboard doors tightly otherwise the dish will be off with the spoon.