You don’t get daisies just any old where. They seem to be very particular about where they grow. They prefer to grow on short, well mown grass – like a lawn for instance.

This raises interesting questions. When they were evolving we can presume that the grass was much shorter and natural selection gave them this preference for lawn like areas. Then as the pace of evolution picked up and the grass started to get longer they found their quality of life deteriorating. It was most likely at this point that they set up a working party to advise on all the possible options.

There is no doubt that the outcome of the committee’s deliberations was that someone should invent a lawn mower. A few interglacial periods later and there it was – the very first lawn mower! The whole of daisy-dom rejoiced and it no doubt seemed that their troubles were over.

It was at this point that the fatal flaw in the plan became apparent.

Still daises are a persistent bunch and it only took an eon or so before the first hominids appeared.

Unfortunately we have no records to show exactly how long it was before this latest solutions to the  daisy’s problem learned to push the mower.