Purple Haze


Nothing’s as simple as it seems. The grass will grow under your feet whether you like it or not. Grass grows by inches and dies by feet just isn’t true – grass needs cows as much as cows need grass.

Along the verges of our morning meander are countless different grasses and when the sun is at the right angle the colours can be quite eye-catching – particularly where there are large clumps of one variety.

Trying to identify the flowers that we find on our walk is challenging enough for both Google and I, trying to identify the various grasses pushes us both to the limit. We have managed to find a few web sites that offer a catalogue of British plants, but they tend to be indexes of Latin names – not a lot of good to us as we haven’t a clue where to start. With flowers we can at least start with the colour and move on to things like leaf shape etc. With grass – where do you start? Well, it is green I suppose.

Actually it’s funny old stuff, grass is. It’s been around for┬ámillennia – the dinosaurs were eating it long before Eve O’Lution had even thought of sheep. It actually grows at the base of the leaf, so as it gets munched it doesn’t get damaged.

If the world was left to itself, an open space would get covered with grass – then the trees would move in and the grass wouldn’t be able to grow under the trees. Cue sheep and cows. The large grass eaters trample the tree seedlings while they are browsing on the green stuff. This kills off the forests and maintains the grasslands.

Being eaten is a small price to pay for the service – I suppose.