mush Rooms to Let


Once upon a time a little elf, called Beech Leaf, lived in a tall Plane Tree at the side of a busy main road. He worked hard at his tree pushing at the old flakes of bark until they dropped of the tree trunk. Because the road was so busy, the bark of the tree very quickly became covered in soot from the car exhausts. It was quite hard, keeping the tree looking at its best, but he enjoyed his work and his tree looked so smart, he was very proud of it.

Suddenly, a gang of men appeared and chopped down all the trees and made a parking place for big trucks instead. His life was turned upside down – he was homeless and out of work! But he wiped his eyes, blew his nose and told himself that crying never solved anything and decided he would go to the country for a week or so and see if he felt any better in the nice fresh air.

In the country he found an old mushroom with a ‘Rooms to Let’ sign up and knocked at the door. The sweetest little fairy he had ever seen popped her head out of an upstairs window “Down in a mo” she called and next minute she opened the door. Suddenly he felt quite shy, she was so pretty! “Have you come to fix the phone?” she asked. He shook his head “The Gas? The Electricity? The drains? The water?” she asked before he had time to reply.
“No. The room.” he managed to blurt out.
“Oh,” she said and her face fell, “I’m afraid I’ve just moved in and everything is in such a muddle and actually,” she paused and bit her lip and gave him such a sweet smile, “that sign is left over from the previous owners.”
“Oh,” said Beech Leaf sadly.

“I am quite good at cleaning,” he added hopefully “I’ve just lost my job so I don’t have anything to do now, so I would love to help you put everything to rights.”
“Are you sure?” the sweet little fairy asked and Beech Leaf nodded “Oh, how kind you are.” she said, “Come on in and I’ll show you round”

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you or Brenda that they lived happily ever after – do I?

The Forbidden Path

Gate in the Wall
Gate in the Wall

In those days, there was war. War between the unseen things of the Dark and Secret Place, the name of which, even now, is best remembered – but not spoken, and those who dwelt in The Light.

At this time, King Allwyngarth, a leader of men, called upon Daghtwaal the Doughty and Ancient, who was called The Double Headed Axe of the Dwarves, and he came unto him. Unto him also he called Locham Green Leaf who was Oldest Oak of the Fleet Folk. Gathered they three, in a tall tower and well guarded from all sides. There they spake, each one unto the others, of The Dark and Secret Place.

At an instant, came a crash and a flash, the door to the chamber was flung open and stood there, a stranger, where no man should gain entry.

“Wæs Hæil. Kings three. Rise and take just and awful war unto that Dark and Secret Place. Now is the time for deeds not for words. I, Zalwigg, have spoken!”

At this, they arose and went, taking pain and vengeance, to That Place and laid waste all about them. Also went Zalwigg and in his power brought terror to That Place.

Then, when all had seen justice, they went out and stood, all the hosts, once more before the gates to The Dark and Secret Place.

Spoke then Zalwigg at the first. “Wæs Hæil, Kings three! Now must The Gates of Doom be sealed. Never more may Dwarf pass through. ” Then spake he a word of power, such that all fell to their knees and up rose the earth and covered the chasm that gave access to That Place.

Now, spake he at the second. “Never more may the Fleet and Fair Folk pass this way.” Then spake he a word of power, such that all covered their ears in terror and arose up two mighty and tall Beech Trees and between them a barricade of moonbeams that Fair Folk durst not break.

And spake he then for thrice. “Never more may Men pass this way.” Then spake he a word of power, such that all covered their eyes in awe.

After, arose all and saw, where once had been The Evil Way, now was only a hill, two Beech trees and a stone wall. And peace came unto The Three Kingdoms.