Variations On A Theme

Blackbird Singing
Blackbird Singing

Das Wohltemperirte Amsel, (The Well-Tempered Blackbird). Improvisation on a theme. Bach-wards and forwards – and from side to side. Heeey, cool man!

There’s a blackbird who lives just up the road who has very modern, experimental musical ideas. He’s often singing away as we pass his clump of small trees with a large holly bush at its centre. This clump of trees in the corner of the house-across-the-road’s garden is the favourite singing place for many of the local birds – we’ve had the song thrush perched on to of the telephone pole that stands next to it and the lower parts of the bushes are always full of sparrows. The Chaffinch too, will flit up and take over any time one of the branches near the top falls vacant.

Having found out how to add little audio clips to the blog  – here’s a short piece the Blackbird composed on the spot for us as we started out on our morning rounds today.

This is just a sample – he went on, just playing around with this little tune for most of the morning.