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Interesting But Not Relevant

Grass With Raindrops

Grass With Raindrops

There were two things I wanted to tell you about. First, amongst all the umbelliferous flower heads (things that could be Hemlock) waving seductively from our verges at the moment, there is one without the ferny, carrot type leaves. I’ve decided that this is Ground Elder and I have some pictures to show Google to see what he thinks. However, pictures you take so that you can identify a plant tend to be pretty boring, have a look at the picture of Horsetails (Still Waiting) from a few posts back. Believe it or not, I do try to limit the boring pictures you’re subjected to, so I don’t want to use those for this post.

Secondly, on our way home this morning, The Dog found something incredibly, nasally interesting, I think it was a blade of grass, I stood there waiting, as patiently as possible, but eventually I became insistent and we moved off – only for me to spot a large bumble-type bee pottering around in a patch of vetch. Naturally, I had to stop, we haven’t had that many bees around. The Dog gave a huge sigh and sat down in the middle of the road. In the process of attempting to stick the camera through the undergrowth, as close to the bee as possible, I was stung several times by nettles – don’t we just have to suffer for our art? Unfortunately, bees are naturally fuzzy and they tend to fidget a lot too, so those pictures turned out, well, fuzzy.

So, here’s a picture of the peculiar way this grass seed-head has trapped last nights rain.

Oh, and just across the road from the Vetch is a patch of Ribwort, I’ve mentioned before that it’s good for stings and bites, so I picked a leaf and rubbed it on the stingy places.

Guess what – Google was right. It really works!

Vhich Vetch?

There’s Bush Vetch, it grows everywhere and it has leaves with hairs that stick out the ends of the leaves. Then, there’s Common Vetch, it grows everywhere and has hairs that stick out the ends of the leaves. Sometimes the plant world really irritates me, I think it does it deliberately. They both have green leaves, they both have those funny purple flowers and they both have pods with little peas in them. If they want to be different, that’s fine, but they should have a bar code or something somewhere on the plant so that we could identify them if we needed to.

And this is the nub of the matter, do we really need to know that these are different plants, couldn’t we just lump them all together and call them Vetch?

Well, here we have a photo of some sort of Vetch, there is a lot of it about, so we are going to assume that it is Common Vetch. There, problem solved.

Being from the pea family, it does that thing with nitrogen, so it can be grown just to be ploughed in. It is also often grown as a stock feed and generally animals love it and will eat too much of it, if they are given the chance.

They will then complain of stomach aches and pains.

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