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The Phone Lines In The Tree

The Phone Lines In The Tree

The Phone Lines In The Tree

NaNoWriMo Day 18 The Phone Lines In The Tree

Seasons turn with the year’s slow pace.
Twig and branch sleep.
News by wire in a hectic race,
Appointments keep.

Winter drains all the sap away
And waits for Spring.
Offers valid just for today,
Urgency bring.

Nature moves in its old, old time,
Steady and slow.
Hearts and minds to a different chime,
Faster must go.

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Out For A Walk

Winter's Shadow

Winter’s Shadow

NaNoWriMo Day 17 Out for a Walk

Isn’t it warm today, here in the sheltered sun?
Down the hill, we’ve walked together on our daily “run”.
Now it’s back up the hill, to the coffee we’ve earned,
And a sweet treat – to put back that energy we’ve burned.

Old age has come to limit our speed and our range.
Times past we ventured far, but times pass and times will change.
Growing old is a pain, but if it’s what we must do,
I’m just so glad, My Sweet, that I’m growing old with you.

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Selling Fast

Just A Few Left

Just A Few Left

NaNoWriMo Day 16 – Selling Fast

Hurry. Hurry, they’re selling out fast.
Just these few here and then that’s the last
You’re going to miss out, what will you do?
Everyone will have one – except you.

How will you ever hold your head high?
Things will get worse, and one day you’ll die!
Then you’ll be sorry, see if I’m right.
Gimme your cash now, and don’t be so tight.

You can trust me, I’m your best friend,
I know what’s good for you in the end.
Don’t ask me questions, if, what and how
Just gimme your cash, right here and now.

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Halfway House

Coffee and Cake
Coffee and Cake

NaNoWriMo Day 15 – Halfway House

Like a glass half full or empty,
We’ve reached the middle here.
We need to stop and take a rest.
Check front, left, right and rear.

We’ve kept our target in our sights,
We’ve met each challenge too.
So, carry on and carry on,
Is all we have to do.

Another fifteen days to go,
Fifteen pics left to take.
If nature won’t oblige us then,
We can just fall back on cake.

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The Hole In The Hedge

The Hole In The Hedge

NaNoWriMo Day 14 Questions

There’s a hole in the hedge, and it made me think.
From this side to that side it forms a straight link.
Now, who made the space for the hole to fit in,
This side or that side, short and fat, tall and thin?
And weren’t they so clever, with wisdom so wise
That they made a space that was just the right size?
Now was the space they made, left or right handed?
Did it need drilling out or to be sanded?
Did it fit tightly or need to be padded,
Complete in its box so nothing was added?
So many questions with no solid answers
Was our space made by a couple of chancers?

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Long-Term Planning



NaNoWriMo Day 13 – Long-Term Planning

A couple of years ago, a tiny oak tree appeared on the lawn.
Just a twig and two leaves, standing amid all that grass – quite forlorn.
Obviously a pioneer ahead of his time, an explorer,
Committed to an adventurous life, for richer or for poorer.

He brought many magical things, beads, mirrors and patterned cloth to trade.
He seemed a pleasant enough fellow, so we built, for him, a stockade.
Then, for safety and protection against the lawn mower marauders,
We established relevant protocols and left specific orders.

For as long as we continue to maintain a good relationship,
Never allowing our attitude of co-operation to slip,
And always support, for the long term, the decisions that we have made,
A hundred or so years from now I’ll be able to park in his shade.

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The Missing Tree

Beech Leaves - The Hole In The Hedge

Beech Leaves – The Hole In The Hedge

NaNoWriMo Day 12 The Missing Tree.

Many years ago a great elm tree stood here.
Tall, it grew and spread its branches wide.
But the height that gave it its grand majesty,
Let a small insect its fate decide.

The Elm Bark Beetle carries the deadly spore.
It feeds on young bark in the tree top.
It flies high and picks only the tallest trees,
There it delivers its fungus crop.

Our tree succumbed and sadly withered away.
The autumn winds blew, taking their toll.
Skeletal and fragile our tree was torn down.
Now in our hedge, there’s an empty hole.

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