Yarrow, Milfoil, Woundwort

Yarrow, Milfoil, Woundwort

Yarrow or Milfoil. Known to all since ancient times.
A plant of magic power but easy to overlook.
As an oracle often used in Eastern climes.
Confucius took, from your stalks, the laws in his book

Woundwort, a healing balm when fights with sword and shield
Leave men bruised and battle-scarred from glory’s affray.
Achilles did heal his host on Troy’s battlefield
With your leaf and stalk kept crushing defeat at bay.


Hogweed Seed Head

The summer brings the fullness to all of your ambition.
Your seeds are ripe, a time for rest, your work complete.
You strove with all at your command, you asked for no condition.
Tomorrow’s seeds you leave behind for time’s defeat.

We mortals too, will give our all and ask but naught of Fate.
But grow within our chosen earth which, with our deeds,
We enrich the compost that our experience will create.
So, when our time is done, we too will leave sewn seeds.

Speedwell, Speedwilt

Speedwell or Speedwilt

Bright blue Speedwell, what can I believe,
What do such vibrant petals hope to achieve?
Shall I sew them in my coat’s hem?
May I journey safe with them?

Bright blue Speedwilt, what can I believe,
What? Do such vibrant petals hope to deceive?
Do men’s promises fade so fast?
Are there none whom you outlast?

Folk’s Gloves


Fox Gloves, Folk’s Gloves, fairy fingers dress.
Woodland Folk, they have their ways that we can only guess.
Best not to talk too loud around their fairy rings.
Look away, don’t mention them and speak of other things.

Ash tree, Oak tree, Rowan – Devil’s bane.
Ash tree roots go down to hell. Oak tree, heal my pain.
Branch of the Rowan, keep our threshold clear.
Bad luck and grief and woe may not enter here.