The Circle Of Life


When we arrived at the corner and could look into the field, we noticed immediately that the gate was open. At first, we thought that, as it was quite a mild day, John had, perhaps, left it open to air the field. It probably gets quite musty in there – shut up all summer. Next year’s occupants are currently languishing in the barn, I’m sure they would be pleased to know that their field was being properly prepared for them.

But no, on closer inspection, we detected his tractor, in the far corner, down near the beck. We realised at once that something, far more fundamental than merely taking the net curtains down and washing them, was going on. In fact, last years mowings were being returned to their appointed place in the scheme of things.

What we were viewing was nothing less than The Circle of Life. The grass was mown in late summer – then stored until just the current contingency occurred. Then its big break came – and it was fed to the cattle sequestered in enviable luxury within the byre.

The cattle leapt into action! They immediately began the task of processing the raw material. Soon, John was able to perform the final stage in the ritual. He loaded the end product onto his trailer and returned it – with all due ceremony – to whence it came.

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