Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Cutting
Hedge Cutting

This morning, as we left the house, it was obvious that something was going on. What a noise! We wandered out of our little lane and turned down the road – the sound getting louder and louder as we approached.

As we’d guessed – hedge trimming was in full swing. This is the ideal time to do it from our point of view. The hedges have become very overgrown, and now that they have all gone to sleep for the winter they won’t wriggle and squirm while they are having their hair cut. A couple of weeks ago we had several days of frost and that softened up the berries on the various plants and bushes. The birds and small mammals immediately took advantage and relieved the bushes of their fruit in very short order.

So, the bushes have dozed off and the cupboard is bare – who could possibly complain that the rampant growth of spring and summer is being tidied up and made shipshape and Bristol fashion.

No doubt it will also assist with the search for the best nesting site as soon as spring turns up next year.

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