Same Old, Same Old.

Holly Leaves
Holly Leaves

Poof! Well, we’re back to the old grind. A blog, once a week, on Friday. In many ways, it’s comforting to be back. It was exciting writing a poem a day with no idea what the subject of our rhyme would be – until we had a photo to work with. Mostly, we managed to use an image taken that morning on the phone – We did cheat a couple of times, but I’m sure you didn’t notice.

Today’s picture is of holly leaves. During November we had a picture of them that included some nice bright red berries. Today, you’ll notice their absence.

Holly Berries are very hard – and even birds find them indigestible – until we get a good frost. The cold not only softens the berries, but it also changes them chemically to make them more nutritious. We have had a few frosty mornings lately, and the berries must have responded to the cold. The birds didn’t stand on ceremony, Christmas or no Christmas, Holly branches with no red berries troubled them not at all. They had cleaned the bushes out completely a few days after the frost.

Needs must when – well, you know.

One thought on “Same Old, Same Old.

  1. You know, that stuff is almost indestructible. We tried to remove some from a hedge we have…chopped it etc. It came back, it came up from under the ground. We decided it’s earned its place in our garden. Prickly, poisonous and all.

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