Selling Fast

Just A Few Left
Just A Few Left

NaNoWriMo Day 16 – Selling Fast

Hurry. Hurry, they’re selling out fast.
Just these few here and then that’s the last
You’re going to miss out, what will you do?
Everyone will have one – except you.

How will you ever hold your head high?
Things will get worse, and one day you’ll die!
Then you’ll be sorry, see if I’m right.
Gimme your cash now, and don’t be so tight.

You can trust me, I’m your best friend,
I know what’s good for you in the end.
Don’t ask me questions, if, what and how
Just gimme your cash, right here and now.

2 thoughts on “Selling Fast

  1. So…I’m unsure are they rosehips? Or…the elusive cranberry. (I have never actually seen one growing!!) And if they are cranberries, we are in ‘sold out’ world here in France. I didn’t buy them last week because I didn’t want to make my cranberry/clementine jam…yet. And now…GONE! But we still have rosehips around…that’s a whole other story…

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    1. They’re Hawthorn berries Trisha – the haws that you need for Hips and Haws – the old winter folk medicine – high in vitamin C. Do you take all the seeds out of the hips before you cook them?


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