Holly’s Tale

Holly Berries
Holly Berries

NaNoWriMo Day 10 – Holly’s Tale

‘Hello there, I see you’ve come this way again.
‘Out for some fresh air, it’s not too cold for you then?
‘Yes, we’re still here – been here millions of years
‘We’ll be around for a while yet so don’t waste your tears.
‘It was when the dinosaurs died we first took our chance,
‘And then again, when the glaciers began to advance,
‘Evolution wise it was all up in the air,
‘You mammals were in it too, wanting your share.
‘Our shiny leaves helped us to thrive in the cold.
‘You guys started burrowing, or so I’ve been told.
‘We both made it through – hot steamy swamp, ice and snow.
‘Hey! We grew up together, so give us a high five, Bro!’

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