Fox Moth Caterpillar
Fox Moth Caterpillar

On our way up the hill, homewards – buoyed by the thought of a nice cup of coffee, we came upon this guy. He was pottering around on the road in a rather aimless manner. We pointed out that playing in the road did not comply with the local health and safety regulations, let alone the Green Cross Code. He was totally nonplused and eventually, we left him to his own devices.
He’s wearing his Sunday Best, he looked quite different when he was younger – he’s hoping to find a nice warm patch of autumn sunshine to relax in before he makes his way back into the brambles along the roadside and curls up amongst the leaves until March. Very sensibly, he has no desire to partake of the joys of winter – there is absolutely nothing on the television – so he solves the problem by sleeping through it.
Well, you know, he has all that pupating to do in spring next year and it always takes it out of you, so his solution is to get as much hibernation as possible under his belt in the hope that it will see him through.
So, if he is now asleep, snug under his bramble leaves (I wouldn’t want to upset him) I will just mention that the latest butterfly and moth survey noted that he is, how can I put this, well, just between you and me, he’s rather common.

3 thoughts on “Common

  1. I miss innocuous caterpillars. Around these parts, would you believe that they hide up in the pines in these giant, collective cocoons that look like snowballs? Then in the spring they head out in long chains…processions we call them. And you have to stay away and keep your kids and dogs away too because if disturbed they emit clouds of sharp glass-like matter into the air that is incredibly painful if you get it in your eyes…You know, maybe that’s the subject of a short story or a poem. Yours looks so friendly, fuzzy and cheerful–the way a caterpillar ought to be!

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