He Couldn’t Wait

The Crocalog, he waits no more
The Crocalog, he waits no more

The previous conversation with The Crocalog can be found here  We’ve had a lot of rain recently and, well, read on for the latest news flash.

The Crocalog, he waits no more.
He stepped on through fate’s open door.
No train or dance came soon enough.
The Norns came by and called his bluff.

An idle life lived to the end,
his perfect choice, he hoped to spend.
But this was not to come to pass.
His golden dreams all turned to brass.

He gave much thought to futures bright
the kind he’d claim as his birthright.
Heroic struggle filled each dream,
while he lay, waiting, in the stream.

It came upon him in a flood.
A blossom bursting from the bud.
The simple truth, a basic fact.
NOW! is the only time to ACT!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ### _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Where now will Dipper, Wagtail perch
He’s gone and left them in the lurch
His journey’s end no one can tell
For auld lang syne we wish him well.

4 thoughts on “He Couldn’t Wait

  1. Amazing poem! I have always struggled with writing poetry, so I admire people who can do it well and on top of that, actually rhyme without it feeling forced. Although the idea of a crocalog is very humorous, the poem is quite moving!

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