Grey Wagtail

Grey Wagtail
Grey Wagtail

I thought you might like to see this picture, even though it is a bit blurred. As autumn gets up to speed and the sun shifts his attention to the southern hemisphere, we have less and less light to work with. This means that we can’t expect to have the image in focus and at high magnification.
Those of you who are avid followers will recognise the beck and the relaxed form of The Crocalog. Earlier in the year, we had a Dipper in this very spot and the large white patch is evidence of his protracted occupation of this prime fishing site.
The current incumbent, shown here, is a Grey Wagtail. We have seen him before, but his usual perch is the rusty gate on the other side of the bridge. He was obviously impressed by the Dipper’s entrepreneurial nous – as soon as the Dipper moved on – he hopped over to this side and assumed ownership of the fishing rights.
Grey Wagtails are not seen that often – there aren’t that many of them around. In fact, they are on the RSPB’s Red List of birds that need special consideration, so we are quite pleased to see him. We had worried that the Dipper had chased him off.

3 thoughts on “Grey Wagtail

  1. Actually, I LOVE the image. It looks painterly. I’ve been trying to look at water–lakes, rivers etc and really ‘see’ how it is. Look at all the reflections you’ve captured–there is so much black and yellow–and the bird stands out in the middle. Very cool. I’ve been thinking lately too that I should get to know my birds better. There are so many here in France and even though I’ve lived here since 2009, I’ve never quite caught up in that department.

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    1. It’s the autumn leaves – the beck is completely overshadowed by trees on this side of the bridge. Now the leaves are falling and changing colour, we are getting this sort of thing. Lovely, isn’t it?


  2. Beautiful bird! That would be quite impressive if it were an actual crocodile he were perched on — perhaps showing off to the other birds in a game of chicken (or wagtail?).

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