Think Ahead

Speckled Wood Butterfly
Speckled Wood Butterfly

Today’s butterfly is yet another marvel of nature. When the butterflies emerge from caterpillar-dom, they adopt one of two lifestyles. Either they take the local option and set up shop in the nearest sunny spot, relying on passing footfall to put bums on seats. Or they take the commercial traveller option and set out to book as many miles as their expense account will bear.
Now, I’m sure you can see where this evocation of Evolution might be about to come unstuck. While local services might seem a safe bet at the moment, particularly in our rural area, modern technology lies, biding its time, in hiding.
Surely, however, it is the more adventurous life that will feel the bitter bite of blockchains and big data first. Those (mostly males) whose life seemed to attain perfection in the romance of the road, the flitting up and down the woodland fringe, welcomed with open wings in one sunny patch after another – each of the local entrepreneurial establishments eager to sample their wares – are those who will be first to have their Utopia undone, their sandcastles stamped on.
Surely, it cannot be long before all who chose to be stay-at-homes realise – they can get all that stuff on the internet these days.

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