Good Advice

Three Cows
Three Cows

‘Look at you. For goodness sake how did you get in that state?
‘I know there are lots of flies around, so what?
‘Yes, yes, the flies came out after the rain, with all the sun we’ve had lately, a bit of rain was quite welcome.
‘Are you trying to say that the files did this to you?
‘What do you mean, “Yes.” How on earth could those tiny little things do something like this to two full grown adults hundreds of times their size?
‘Well? don’t just sit there, looking as embarrassed as you deserve to be, mumbling under your breath. What actually happened?
‘It’s no good looking at each other. Come on. One of you is going to have to tell me how you got like this if you expect me to try and help you.
‘It was the flies, it was the flies – if I hear that once more I’m going to walk away and leave you just as you are.
‘What did the flies actually do, then? Did every fly in the field suddenly gang up together and set upon you?
‘No, I thought not. So what did they do? How did you get in this mess?
‘Oh for goodness sake, is that all? You’re just going to have to be more careful in future then, aren’t you? You’ll have to synchronise your tails – call out left, right when you flick at the flies – or something. How you managed to get your tails so knotted together like that, without even noticing, is beyond me.’

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