Not Very Funny

Brown Cows
Brown Cows

‘Ah yes, how now brown cow, how very droll. You don’t rely on telling jokes for a living, do you?
‘No, I thought not.
‘Sorry, it’s the heat you know. And our current diet doesn’t help, either.
‘No, we’re not on any specific diet, it’s just that there isn’t that much to eat left in this field.
‘No rain. The grass won’t grow without rain, will it?
‘Yes I know we’ve had a few showers – heavy mists, more like it – what we need is some good soaking rain. And a good few days of it, at that. Until then, we have to get by on the few mouthfuls of feed sprinkled in the trough here, occasionally.
‘I don’t remember it being this hot last year. It isn’t normally like this, is it?
‘Can’t something be done about it, then?
‘Well, you’re supposed to be in charge, can’t you go and switch the rain on? And, tell you what, I’d appreciate it if you could turn the heat down, while you’re at it.
‘Well, how about a couple of bales of hay, just to see us through? This dry food is hardly filling you know. We’d be very pleased if you could sort these few things out for us.
‘Thank you. Who knows, we might even laugh at your jokes next time.’

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