Holiday Snaps


When we go on a holiday outing we invariably take a photo, or two, or perhaps even more. As a general rule, these fall into three categories.
First, easiest to identify and deal with are all those blurred smudges that could be Aunt and Uncle, or the people who were sitting behind us who we didn’t actually speak to because, well, they were a bit loud, weren’t they?
Second, there are the pictures that came out in focus. They do look a little posed, and that’s because they were. They also remind the photographer, at least, of the arguments and bargaining that ensued before vanities could be coddled and indignities soothed and the photo could be taken – and very nice it turned out, too.
Third, there are those informal shots taken when the subject was unaware they were the subject. These often remain secret and confidential, the guilty pleasure of the picture taker. They reveal the family in the raw. The way things really are. Not that we are ashamed of the disarray that is our family modus operandi, there’s boundless love in the little antagonisms and competitive rivalry that is the collective normality of our parents, children and siblings.
Today’s picture is a family photograph from this third group.

One thought on “Holiday Snaps

  1. When I go to the park, I’ve always enjoyed watching families taking photos. The other day, I heard a teenage boy protesting, “Come on, Mom, do we have to?” His mom finally convinced him, and he made a point of scowling at the camera to communicate his displeasure.

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