Hairy Giant

Great Hairy Willowherb
Great Hairy Willowherb

This weeks picture is of a Great Hairy Willowherb. I know, he doesn’t look that scary at all, does he?

He’s standing down by the railway crossing; he’s found the ideal place. A clear view both up and down the line and reasonable view up the road as it climbs the hill on the one side, with a half decent view the other way – up to the T junction, and a considerable distance left and right as well.

He’s quite interested in trains and we spoke for a while of the little old diesel passenger trains that are the backbone of our links between the east and west coasts – and the amazing state of the art track laying combination that we’ve had trundling backwards and forwards for these past few months.

He’d noticed more of the big trucks hauling cement and gravel coming down the hill and over the crossing in recent months, and I was able to give him an update on the new houses being built down the other end of the village. He said he’d wondered if it was something like that. We parted on good terms and he asked me to give his regards to the Rose Bay Willowherbs next time I was round their way. Must remember to do that.

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