What Did I come Here For?

Bee And Dandelion
Bee And Dandelion

‘I am absolutely sure it put it in here somewhere.
‘I mean, it has to here, this is the place it belongs.
‘Why would I put it anywhere else, when this is the right place for it?
‘This really is very frustrating, this is where I would put it if I was putting it away or something, and it just doesn’t seem to be here. What’s most frustrating, though, is that it just has to be where I left it. So there’s no one but myself to blame.
‘I mean, these things can’t just get up and move on their own, can they? They can’t just grow legs and walk, now, can they? Well, apparently they can. Because it definitely doen’t seem to be here.
‘OK. Wait. Let’s start again, and this time we’ll actually move things around instead of just pushing and poking at them. Let’s do this methodically and see if a more systematic approach will get us somewhere.
‘Really, you see, I should be wearing my glasses.
‘I wonder were my glasses are?
‘Let me see, I put them down somewhere, now where was it. Oh yes, I took them off when I got up to go and look for something.
‘And then, I thought it would be easier to find – if I had them on so I went to find them and . . .
‘Ah, yes. That’s what I was looking for. Don’t know why I was looking in here, though. I can’t imagine why I would think I’d left my glasses here.’

One thought on “What Did I come Here For?

  1. Ah, the mysterious world of where things go when they just “disappear”. I have a little green man who lives in my house and takes things that doesn’t belong to him and puts them where I can’t find them. Right now hes taken my car keys so I’ve had to use the extra set.

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