This week we have a nice picture of Lungwort. Would you be surprised if I were to tell you that “infusions of Lungwort should be quite safe for most normal healthy people to take”? A herbal remedy for healthy people, then.
Apparently, it does all sorts of cool stuff with free radicals and other things that are currently in vogue, although it is also still used to cure coughs and sore throats. The free radical association comes from some reasonably recent research, but its use to treat coughs and colds has no backing other than that people have been using it for thousands of years.
I have to confess that I find – everyone is doing it – of very little comfort.
Perhaps we had better move right along to pointing out that the flowers are often a pretty shade of pink when they open and turn blue and violet as they mature. This strange behaviour makes it very attractive as a garden plant. It is low growing, a couple of inches high at the most, and grows well in shade – in fact it prefers shade. So, all in all, a good plant for those bare places under trees and bushes where nothing will grow. Whether you have a cough and a sore throat or not.

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