Settling In

Lambs - First Day Out In The Field.
Lambs – First Day Out In The Field.

‘It’s OK, honest.’
‘It’s not OK, where’s the barn gone? It was right here until they shut us in that noisy box thing, then when they opened the door it’d completely disappeared.’
‘Please stop worrying. Mum’s here. It can’t be that serious, can it?’
‘Yes, but it’s so, so, empty. Why aren’t there any walls?’
‘Of course there are walls, we just haven’t found them yet. They’ll turn up once we’ve had a chance to look around, you’ll see.’
‘Where’s everyone else? Why are we here all on our own?’
‘Will you stop panicking. Look there, and over there, and over there. Everyone’s here.’
‘Yes, but they’re so far away, Why aren’t they here with us?’
‘Why do you keep asking me question? I don’t know. They’re over there because they’re over there and we’re over here because Mum’s here.’
‘Don’t get cross with me. It’s all scary and different, that’s all.’
‘Sorry. It really isn’t that scary. Can you feel the wind ruffling your fleece, doesn’t that feel good. It makes me want to jump.’
‘Wow, do that again. It looks like fun!’
‘Come on, you try it. It’ll be much more fun if we do it together.’
‘OK. One, two, three, go!’
‘Wait, where’s Mum? Oh, there she is. Right, it’s my turn to count this time.’

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