White Crocus
White Crocus

We seem to have quite a few crocuses – now that the snowdrops are starting to fade. There are still plenty of snowdrops around, the late-comers and those who didn’t get started until they were sure it was the right time, but the large clumps are starting to show more of the green of the leaves than the white of the flowers. They have done very well and we were very pleased to have them, but we do understand – it’s time they moved on.
The crocuses are really only a stop-gap. In a week or so the daffodils will be in full swing, but we need something to keep us occupied while they dust off their yellow bonnets and press their frills. Crocuses are rather an impatient bunch – they rarely have time to hang around. They pop up over night, and then, within two or three days they’re gone.
In the wood behind the house, we often surprise a single white crocus wandering, lonely as a cloud. We’re not sure why he prefers solitude – most of the other guys hang out along the hedge – perhaps he’s down at the introverted end of the social spectrum, I wonder if he’s working on a novel?

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