Robin on the hedge
Robin on the hedge

This week we have the cute Christmas card candidate of the year – a robin. True, for maximum effect he/she should be sitting in a holly bush, preferably next to some shiny holly berries, unburdening his soul with heart-rending melodies.
This, I’m afraid, is all down to amazing PR. The marketing department have been working hard, tirelessly promoting him/her as a victim at all seasonally appropriate opportunities. Poor Cock Robin. Who shot him indeed?
I’ll mention the holly berries first. A nice hard frost breaks them down and they then become the only thing edible, at this time of year. Withing a day or so, every holly bush in the area will be completely stripped of its fruit.
So no berries on our card, then.
The heart-rending melodies are territorial markers. They are only sung in spring, when establishing a territory becomes central to mating and feeding chicks. So, no soulful songs on Christmas cards, I’m afraid.
In order to establish a territory, what you need is a good loud voice, and an aggressive nature. In fact when you come down to it that cute card candidate is in fact a cute card caricature. Far from an angelic chorister – he/she (they’re both as bad as each other) is a loud-mouth blaggard with a pathological hatred of his/her own kind.
He should be ashamed of himself – no wonder he hides his head under his wing. Poor thing?

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