Sight, Sound and Scent

Muck Spreading
Muck Spreading

It’s a nice day today – that line of water at the top of the picture is the Solway Firth, put there to dampen the spirits of any rampaging Scots army.
But, I really wanted to chat about the gentle sights and sounds of the countryside. The cheerful chirping of the birds, the soft lowing of the cattle. Speaking of which, it’s cattle that take centre stage in this missive. You see, they suffer from chills to the tootsies, often referred to as footrot, so they can’t be left lying around in the fields over the winter. They need to have a nice clean, dry barn made available to them. The word I’d like to focus on here is clean. Cows, being obliging folk, do their best to give as good as they get, and they return the fodder they recieve, in a slightly used condition to be sure, at the first available opportunity.
On a regular basis their stalls are cleaned with a pressure washer and the accumulated detritus is pumped into a large tanker. As soon as the tank is full it is towed out to the fields and, with the aid of a powerful pump the grass is sprayed back where it came from.
If you were wondering when we would get around to waxing lyrical on the scents of the countryside. This is not that time.

One thought on “Sight, Sound and Scent

  1. David,
    You had me at the first line. You do have a way with words: both matter of fact about the more earthy aspects of animal husbandry and country life, and yet light and funny in your word choices. Delightful.
    It’s perfect. I don’t think there’s anything in the world that would make it better.


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