Entrepreneur or Disruptor


Here we have a surprise visitor – amidst all the tentative spikes of nascent daffodils – a snowdrop in full bloom. At least a month too early, obviously a risk-taker, does he not realise that the first to market rarely stays the market leader in the long term.

But is he an entrepreneur or a disruptor? These days the focus is on disruptors. I have my suspicions as to the reason for this.

I see entrepreneurs as the authors, and the disruptors as the editors. Both have an important place in production.

In the same way that you cannot build a service industry without a manufacturing base. Without the creative fruits of the author/entrepreneur’s work there is nothing for the editor/disruptor to edit or disrupt.

When there is a surplus of content – it seems much simpler to merely rehash what’s currently available. After all, why go through all those trials and tribulations involved in the creation and nurturing of something truly new – and consider the risks, the failures to be endured, the pain of the rewrites, what a waste of money.

First to market and bound for failure you may be, but – entrepreneurial snowdrop – I salute you.

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