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Cat Picture

Cat in the Garden

Cat in the Garden

There is hardly any light – the sun only rises an inch and a half above the horizon. This week, the whole week, I only managed to take nine photos. A few of some sparrows and one of a cat. This week you’re getting the cat. Next week – who knows?

So, you also get a cat poem – for no reason other than I wrote one some time ago.

Cat in the garden. Just passing through.
It seems he had nothing better to do.
Except sit and stare at the grass and the sky,
to wonder, ‘If?’ and to wonder, ‘Why?’
Cat in the garden, what’s that he hears?
All at once he is all ears.
Up on his feet, gone the civilised poise,
something in the hedge made a rustling noise.
Low he stalks forward, then – what a relief.
The rustling noise was made by a leaf.
Cat in the garden, nothing better to do
than sit calm and detached, and nonchalant too.


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Pack It In

Snails In A Hole In A Concrete Post

Snails In A Hole In A Concrete Post

Public transport has often resorted to Pushers – employees of the transport company whose job it is to ensure that as many passengers as possible are crammed into as small a space as possible. From a passengers point of view they can be a mixed blessing. If, for instance, you only intend to travel one or two stops, then it makes sense to try to keep as close to the doors as possible. Inevitably the centre of the carriage is relatively empty, as riding in that space condemns you to a panic-driven fight to reach the door – through the mass of humanity clustered around it – when the vehicle arrives at your disembarkation point.
Timing is all. Rush for the doors as soon as they open, to be sure of your place on board, and you risk being pushed so far down the carriage that all chance of alighting at the right place is lost. Hang back until the main crush is over, and you risk being left behind when the doors close. The window of opportunity can be only a few seconds. Experience and judgement are of supreme importance.
As you can see in today’s picture, all these passengers are travelling to the end of the line.

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