No Waste

Building Site
Building Site

Winter is a season of hardship for wildlife and nature photographers alike. There is so little to photograph that any straw is worth clutching. So today we have a picture of the frenetic activity occurring on our building site.
Most of the houses in our little village date back a good many years, even the modern ones are certainly over fifty years old, the oldest accommodation consists of the original farm buildings, converted where necessary into comfortable dwellings. The farmhouse adjacent to our own converted barn has the date 1857 chiselled into a large stone lintel over the front door.
Imagine the excitement then, when we learned that some disused barns on the edge of the village had been sold to a developer and they were to be the site of four new houses.
Farmers are notoriously conservative so first, the current farmer carefully removed all the good bits from the barns and used them to build animal pens in a field down the road. The remaining skeleton has now been knocked down and is being ground up into various sizes of aggregate, by the large machines in our picture, destined to become part of the new construction.
Waste not want not, you know.

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