What the World Needs

Holly Flowers in November
Holly Flowers in November

Today’s picture is of the flowers on one of the holly bushes down by the beck. Once you’ve crossed the bridge the road runs parallel to the beck and through a green tunnel – overhanging trees on one side and a line of holly bushes on the other.
This picture was take this week. Every other holly bush in the area has a colourful display of red berries. These flowers are completely out of place.
Dr. Edward Bach, in the 1930s, believed that his essence, made from the flowers of the holly, was associated with love.
Not the kind of love that we live in hope of being able to find in the world around Christmas time, but the kind of love that is completely out of place. The kind of love that leads us into jealousy, revenge, suspicion or over-attentive smothering. The kind of love that causes people to be a torment to themselves, with no expectation of relief.
Dr. Bach’s hope was that his holly flower remedy would offer these poor souls the relief they would not allow themselves to accept, and so, sooth their inner emotional turmoil.
Surely an act of love.

6 thoughts on “What the World Needs

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen hollies in berry form, so thank you for the image. But ore interesting is the back story, I’m a bit of a Dr Bach fan, so I found this most informative. Thank you!

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