Good Advice

'You're in trouble'
‘You’re in trouble’

‘What are you doing out there? You’ll get into trouble if the farmer comes along and finds you aren’t in the field, you know.’
‘”Just going for a walk” isn’t going to go down well, I’m afraid. He put us in this field for good reasons and “just going for a walk” wasn’t one of them.’
‘Well, there may be no harm in it, as far as you can see, but we have this fence round us to keep us safe, and wandering off on our own is asking for trouble.’
‘I suppose you made a hole in the hedge to get out of the field, did you? What if the farmer comes along and fills it in while you’re out there – “just going for a walk”? You’ll be stuck outside, that’s what.’
‘Yes. Once when I was a lamb. A few of us squeezed under the gate and made pigs of ourselves in the grass along the verge – remember how lush and green it was in those days? Well, someone came along with a dog and we found that the gate wasn’t where we’d left it. It still makes my heart go into overdrive just to think about it. We raced up and down, trying to find the gate, then one of us found a little hole in the hedge and we were able to scrape through. It wasn’t pleasant, I’m telling you.’
‘Oh well, suit yourselves, I’ve done my best. If you won’t listen to reason . . .’

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