Business Opportunity

Red Clover - blooming in Autumn
Red Clover – blooming in Autumn

The picture today is clover – its calendar is upside down and it’s flowering in the midle of Autumn. Something else that seems a little out of place currently, is the large number of pumpkins that have appeared in the shops.
This started me thinking. Are they not indicative of an opportunity in the Done-For-You space?
The demand for pumpkins at the moment is only the tip of the iceberg, for those of us who like to pursue possible openings – through to their natural conclusion. The slice of the profit that is being lost in the pumpkin pie, in this case, is that all of the establishments offering the aforementioned cucubits, have forgotten to follow through. Nowhere, although I searched diligently, could I find the requisite mice and lizards for sale. Surely it makes good business sense to offer all the component parts in one convenient package.
Almost certainly the best sales will be seen for the standard package – two mice, two lizards, and one medium pumpkin. (Larger pumpkins will require four mice but two lizards should still prove adequate).
My initial concept involved targeting Fairy Godmothers – I don’t doubt they’re all on Facebook – in the run up to the partying of the Festive Season, but on further analysis, the data suggests that the decision maker, in this case, is most likely to be Cinderella.

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