Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves

We’ve just had the autumn equinox. This is the time of year when the spot on the earth that is directly under the sun, moves to hover over a spot on the equator. There are various scientific explanations for this – but most people believe that it does it just to annoy us.

You see, you can’t call it the autumn equinox – even though that’s its name – as, down in the basement of the world – in the southern hemisphere, it heralds the beginning of spring. There has been some attempt to rename it to the September equinox but the minute you try to do that you have half a dozen people in different parts of the world standing up, waving to attract your attention, telling you that in their country this month is not called September. As a last resort it has been suggested that it be called the southward equinox, as the sun has crossed the equator heading south. This was first suggested a hundred years ago, but it hasn’t really caught on yet.

But, whatever – our trees are starting to try on their pretty autumn dresses and our hedges have all been nicely trimmed. Both are signs that the annual tasks are done, the fruit, seeds and berries are maturing nicely, and it’s time for a little relaxation before we go to bed for winter.

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