This Isn’t The End

Knapweed And Bee
Knapweed And Bee

We are coming to the end of Summer. Strange isn’t it, to think of something cyclic as having an end, nor is this the end, even if we could think of it linearly. Perhaps it would have been better to say – Summer is winding down.
It isn’t Autumn yet though. I find Autumn relaxing, we walk our highways and byways through a palpable aura of a job well done – a feeling of the table cleared, the dishes washed, and the kettle on.
But we’re not up to that point yet, there’s still plenty to be done. The Hawthorn berries are starting to turn red, and the Rose Baywillow Herb pea pods are splitting, sending blasts of filigree-fine, seed-carrying fluff off with the wind, while Dandelions and Thistles are doing their best to keep up. Blackberries are ripening in the hedgerows and the Hazel nuts are ready to drop off their bushes. Busy, busy, busy.
The Knapweed is a late summer visitor – I think he’s trying to avoid the crowds the school holidays always bring. Still, at a time when most plants are too involved with their seeds, berries or nuts to be bothered with pollen – I’m sure the bees are glad to see him.

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