That’s Lucky

White Clover
White Clover

When you take a photo and you ask Google to try to guess what it is, what do you do when he comes back and asks which of the 300 varieties you wanted to know about? Do you just give up and go away – mumbling to yourself about how much better things used to be before we could look things up on the internet. At least in those days you could just make something up, confident in the knowledge that nobody would know any better. These days what was intended to be a simple straight forward question, now has you mired in hours of further research – and sidetracked by all sorts of interesting irrelevancies.
Did you know that a four leaf clover isn’t as rare as a five leaf clover or even a seven leaf one? Until recently the record for the most leaves on a clover was 21 – it was in that book of records that is the mainstay of pub quizzes. But hold on, before you rush off to the local quiz night, the new record is now 53.
Apparently it all goes back to St Patrick. He stepped on to the shore from his coracle and said “Oh, look. A four leaf clover. That’s lucky.”
If that comes up in your next pub quiz – remember you read it here first.

2 thoughts on “That’s Lucky

  1. Finding luck seems a little complex these days. I think I’ll stick with being lucky to have a 4 leaf clover,.

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