Eve O’Lution


When we return from our daily walk – down the hill, over the beck, then round to the T junction in the next village or, up the hill and round to where the road and the railway cross – there is a ritual that is an essential part of the routine. On entering the house The Dog will stand and wait. First she must have her lead un-clipped, then she needs her harness removed. Jackie will first fetch a towel and a brush, then she will dry and brush The Dog’s feet, one at a time. During this procedure The Dog will stand there and raise each foot, on an as required basis, to be dealt with.
Watching this happen every day leads me to ponder the evolutionary development that has led dogs and humans to be such natural collaborators. Indeed how did Eve O’lution work out, all those millions of years ago, that being able to stand on three feet while raising the forth – would have such survival value? And how did humans, those same millions of years ago, work out that dog treats would have such a part to play in this collaboration?
Insects and flowers have also developed a degree of collaboration – now the Foxgloves just need to train the bees to wipe their feet.

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