The Fist of Zagol


Behold the mighty fist of Zagol!

We will overcome all who stand in our way. Those who oppose us will be as nothing. They will be as chaff before the winds of our might. Never before have the oppressed and disregarded had a champion of such stature and heroism. None of those who so foolishly attempt to thwart our progress will survive our displeasure. We come, not as cowards who creep past in the dark of night, but as conquerors with trumpets blaring and the ‘Hallelujahs’ of the army of our followers ringing in our ears.
We will not rest. We will be tireless. We will carry the torch of our commitment to the darkest corner. We will light up the faces of the downtrodden masses with the torch of honesty and the fierce glow of the freedom they hunger for.
Our opponents tremble at our righteous indignation, they know we will oppose them at every turn. We will oppose them in the hedgerows. We will oppose them on the verges. Join with us as we stand together, leaf to leaf.

Hmm. . . sounds like a lot of old Hogweed to me.

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