Silver Hair


Around this time every year an inexplicable, and irritating, event occurs. Quite suddenly, and without prior warning – I age a year over night. I go to bed as I do any other night but when I wake in the morning I find, for no apparent reason, that I’m a year older. Still, they do say that birthdays are good for you – it is widely accepted that those with the most, live longest. I’m sure there’s a scientific study somewhere if you Google it.

Currently I am engaged in a race. The challenge is: can I get old enough for my hair to turn silver – before it all falls out. Today’s photo is of Silverweed. The pale sheen on the leaves is caused by fine silver hairs. It’s a non-issue for him, then. Personally, I think that he was in such a hurry to get up and get going when Spring arrived, that he decided he would shave later.  This is borne out by the fact that by summer his leaves will be plain ordinary green – once the growing season was over he obviously found time to catch up on his morning routine.

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