Cherry Blossom

Peacock butterfly in Cherry Blossom
Peacock butterfly in Cherry Blossom

I couldn’t remember if I’d showed you any Cherry Blossom or not this year. I wouldn’t like you to think that we were totally ignoring our cherry trees. We spend considerable time each year admiring their blossom and, in any other way we can think of, building trust and community spirit. As autumn approaches we will hope to recoup our investment with a nice crop of Wild Cherries. These, coupled with a good serving of brandy and a spoonful of sugar – to help the medicine go down – will be the basis of uniquely purposed and high quality content by Christmas. Wild Cherries really do make the very best Cherry Brandy.
We were pottering along, down by the beck, the other day and an early butterfly fluttered past. It settled on a dandelion and I shook the camera awake and crept forward. You know perfectly well, that as soon as I came within reasonable distance, our butterfly fluttered off. As the camera was now fully awake we tiptoed after it, hoping it would land somewhere convenient – soon.
Well, a couple of flaps and it disappeared down the beck. We relaxed and started to put the camera cover back on, then our butterfly came back as suddenly as it had gone – and landed in amongst the cherry blossom.
We’ve had some snow and cold biting winds recently – I hope he brought his big coat.

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