First To Market


There is pressure and stress in every walk of life. This is especially true if you are of an entrepreneurial turn of mind. The urge to respond to the need to be first to market is an almost unbearable driver – unfortunately it doesn’t always result in products that are a good fit for the niche our developer envisaged. This leads to products or services that can’t be sold until the promotion has created a market for them.

If you’re going to invent a better mouse trap – you are going to need five star reviews from a goodly number of mice before you can build the buzz you have to have for your promotional campaign.

The risks are high. Say you don’t get the testimonials, your whole campaign flops, and sales fail to materialise? Your Angels start to turn red, grow horns and a tail. Your own investment in time and labour, the sweat of your brow, late nights and strong coffee. All, soul destroyingly, for nothing.

Wouldn’t it be better then, to wait until there are, at least some, bees around before coming into flower?

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