The Customers Are Always Right

New Lambs In Our Fields
New Lambs In Our Fields

Well 2017 has really decided to get things rolling. To ‘Hit’ em up, and move ’em out’ – to quote the cowboy movies of my youth. I don’t know if cowboys still have to comply with these instructions in today’s enlightened age. It is quite possible that Bovine Care and Guidance Operatives have been down-sized, computerised, and replaced by robots by now.
But, back to 2017. The very dark green carpet with the small purple design that is Self Heal has spread out along the roadsides. The Soldiers and Sailors are blowing their blue and red trumpets under the hedges. The green in the village green is sprinkled with the pale pink of Cuckoo Flowers and the Greater Stitchwort’s daisy white flowers are popping up in the patch near the gate into the field. Even the Bluebells are showing flower spikes in all those bunches of dark green leaves that have sat around for weeks – and which we always hopped would turn into Bluebells.
There is just so much happening in our world at this moment – but I suppose you want a picture of a lamb.

2 thoughts on “The Customers Are Always Right

    1. They are very cute – and we have many in the fields around us. At the moment they are very timid and stay close to their mother, but in a few weeks time they are much braver and find any hole in the hedge to escape from the fields and wander about on the roads – we have to drive very carefully!
      A very happy Easter to you all in Roumania, too.
      (My eldest daughter and our grandson are here to visit us so we are very busy taking then to all their favourite places, before they drive back to their home – about 300 miles [450 Km] away – on Monday.)

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