Wild Hyacinth

Wild Hyacinth
Wild Hyacinth

Google says that tame hyacinths have more flowers per stem than wild ones. It may well be that this makes the tame flowers smug, and this may, in fact, be what makes the wild flowers wild. Now, as you all know, the flowers we have around us today arose from a sporting accident.
You remember, I’m sure, how Apollo and his lover Hyacinth used to fool around throwing the discus. You did know that The God of the West Wind also loved Hyacinth and was extremely jealous because he only wanted to play with Apollo? Well, while the two guys were fooling around, being macho and stuff, you know what I mean, The West Wind saw his chance. Apollo threw – and Hyacinth ran to catch the discus. The West Wind gave an extra huff at the crucial moment and the discus hit Hyacinth full on.
He died instantly, as you might expect. Naturally, as his blood, or Apollo’s tears or maybe both hit the ground, beautiful flowers sprang up.
Just a little thought by the participants at this time – could have resolved centuries of animosity.

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