Don’t Feed The Animals

Daffodils In The Hedge
Daffodils In The Hedge

Spring is springing into action all around us. Last week we showed you a Violet that we found in a muddy patch by the roadside; in several paces we have the occasional enthusiastic Hyacinth; the small, demure purple trumpets of the Ground Ivy, or Heal All, are appearing wherever you stop and inspect the verges closely; Soldiers and Sailors, or Lungwort, are putting out the occasional flower, and we even have a few entrepreneurial Lesser Celandine hustling, here and there, under the hedges – meanwhile, our Daffodils are really getting into their stride.
Up here, in the farthest north, we do have a great many cultivated Daffodils, these are immediately identifiable by their good manners and their erudite conversation. We also have a considerable number of their wild cousins. Most of these are no great threat to life and limb – but, never-the-less, it is best to treat them with respect and circumspection.
Some though, thankfully only a small minority, are really wild. No one has ever been able to get close enough to them to ascertain the root cause of their unrepressed anger and so, like the specimens in today’s photo, we just keep them caged up.
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