The first Daffodil
The First Daffodil

On 21st February 2014 I had a picture of this flower – it was the first flower of the spring. He is a real pioneer, boldly going where angels fear to tread. Whenever he appears we know that spring is only three or four weeks away and we can expect the snowdrops and crocuses to ‘spring’ up during that time.

This year, here we are 3rd February, and he has already committed himself to the future, with a sprinkle of snowdrops that bode well for the coming weeks – and a few early crocuses, too.

It has been quite mild this winter. Looking back over the previous year, Summer came early, Autumn seemed to be in frantic rush to get the whole business over. Then Winter came along all cool and collected, didn’t see the point really, sat down, put his feet up and hunted around for the TV remote. He’s sat there since November, he’s been here if you wanted him – but he wasn’t bothered if you didn’t.

True we’ve had several days with good hard frosts, but I suspect that those were a mistake. They sort of happened when he sat up too quickly and spilt his coffee.

I just don’t know what Spring will say when she gets here.

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