On Reflection

A Swan and its Reflection
A Swan and its Reflection

‘I rather like this time of year. Don’t you?
‘It’s a time for just floating along, relaxing; a time for taking stock of the year behind us.
‘Relishing last year’s little successes, and finding suitably soothing excuses for the times when we found ourselves, shall we say, not performing at our most optimum. Hopefully,if we were unlucky enough to have the latter, they will, by now, be starting to show their warm, fuzzy, rose-tinted edges.
‘Spring is on its way, you know – and then we’ll be off on another giddy roundabout. Mate, eggs, chicks. For goodness sake, the very thought of it is enough to make you moult your tail feathers.
‘No need to get all flustered yet, though. We still have a few more weeks of this nice peace and quiet. Plenty of time to float gently by, while the world picks itself up, dusts itself off, and takes a few deep breaths.
‘You could use this time to plan campaigns for the coming year, I suppose. But why? The coming year will arrive soon enough of its own accord, bringing with it all its flamboyant furore.
‘Personally, I find it best to use this time of year for quiet reflection.’

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