Shetland pony in field
Shetland Pony

‘Yes, I have. Does it look all right?’
‘Don’t hairdressers just cost a fortune these days?’
‘Oh, Marco, of course.’
‘You have to sit there for hours. I was under the drier for so long – I dread to think what that did to my split ends’
‘Well yes, I did get a cup of coffee.’
‘Actually, for once, there was a magazine that I hadn’t read before.’
‘Yes, me too. I don’t have time for reading. If I didn’t go to the hairdresser, I probably wouldn’t bother with them, either.’
‘Oh, there was some quite nice bedroom furniture. Not really my style, I must admit, and I definitely didn’t like the carpet.’
‘It’s not,is it? It shows every spec of dirt, and I mean, beige, it’s just so – uninteresting.’
‘Yes, well, I must be off. I’ll see you in the week, no doubt.’
‘Not really, I just must get home, brush this out – and do it again properly!’

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