Off Into The Sunset

Sunset over the Cumbrian mountains
Sunset over the Cumbrian mountains

I have to confess, I’d hardly become accustomed to being in 2016, and here it is – or rather there is was – gone. I mean, it had hardly had time to unpack its stuff and put its things away in the drawer we cleared for it, and it is already going through the ironing pile to see if it can find its clean socks. It is thinking that it would be easier if it puts the clean stuff away in its suitcase now, because it won’t be needing those until it gets home.

We have to say, while it has been pleasant company for most of the time – now and again we have found it hard to get along with. It seems to have had a penchant for drama and a need for confrontation that we have found difficult to handle.

You know the sort of thing I mean – going into the kitchen and making itself a pile of sandwiches, when we’ll be having dinner in half an hour or wanting to watch things on the TV that we never watch, and that are on at the same time as programmes we do want to watch and needing the volume up much louder than we usually have it.

I wouldn’t like to say we’re counting the days until it goes, exactly – but it’s not long now, thank goodness.

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